OnePlus 8T’s Latest Software Update

Your device will take more better pictures after OxygenOS

It can be said that top-tier of OnePlus phones are no more extended flagship killers, but the OnePlus 8T must count as the great device. OnePlus or even any of other mobile devices improves their facilities with time to time updates. Even so, there’s consistently opportunity to get better, and OnePlus is the first to let it out; thus, the massive measure of software updates its mobile phones get after release. The latest OnePlus 8T centres around the system upgrades and virus, threat & bug fixes, however, is considered a couple of camera improvements as well.Recently, OnePlus 8T has the OxygenOS update that will benefits in reducing heat, increasing gaming experience better, bugs issues fixing, better shooting experience, and better network connection optimization.Here the features are included that you will receive while switching the previous update to OxygenOS

System Updates –

  1. Optimized ease with some mainstream or standard games that will decrease lagging risks
  2. Enhanced system power consumption performance that will decrease heating
  3. Enhanced miss-touch prevention that provides a superior gaming experience
  4. Optimized user experience with Alert Slider that adds toast messages when switching among the three modes
  5. Fixed the issue that the status bar continued drifting on the screen while using the scene mode.
  6. Fixed the issue of no installation from Play Store.

What’s new with the Camera?

Some new features should allow you to take better pictures;

  • Enhanced camera stability
  • Optimized the imaging impact that will let you carry with improved shooting experience.

Network –

  • Optimized mobile network connection.
  • Improved network intensity with signal
  • Fixed the small probability issue with network interruption while playing games.

A statement from OnePlus explained that this recent update is pushed out in wave and it means the OTA will arrive at just a few individuals in the starting couple of days, with a more extensiverollout beginning soon.

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